Filmmaker Christina Lundberg will be present to answer questions and talk about her experiences in making this film.


What’s love got to do with it?  Everything.  What kind of person would you become if you had been imprisoned for 20 years?  As this film shows, you can become a highly awakened master who radiates love and compassion.  

Be inspired by Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche’s demonstration of how the human spirit can not only survive but can flourish in the midst of astonishing hardship.  With a skillful and wise approach to the world, all circumstances become fuel for an open heart, and all actions and experience become For the Benefit of All Beings.

FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL BEINGS is an experiential immersion into the Tibetan Buddhist view of the world, as lived by His Eminence Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche. On this journey, we are exposed to Rinpoche’s unusual integration of heart-breaking adversity. He was raised in an extremely strict way by his father, endured the invasion of his country and the destruction that resulted, then he compassionately took up arms and was subsequently captured and imprisoned under the harshest of conditions for 20 years in the prime of his life.  

In prison, Rinpoche found his root teacher and practiced the pith instructions he received in secret, awakening powerful realizations within his mind. Rinpoche now travels the world, inspired by a passionate commitment to help others. He radiates love.

The film documents his extraordinary biography in a unique way, relying upon the engaging storytelling of Garchen Rinpoche himself, interviews with high lamas and peers from both Tibet and the world beyond, and through unprecedented access to this revered lama’s private life and public persona as he travels throughout the world.

This story beautifully and powerfully portrays the results that emerge when one human being unequivocally commits to living “For the Benefit of All Beings.”

“This film is about the potential of the awakening mind within each of us that can be sparked and developed through the viewing experience.  It is my hope and prayer that Garchen Rinpoche’s life story touches the hearts of others, the way it has touched my own.”               -  Christina Lundberg, Filmmaker

Christina Lundberg is an award-winning filmmaker who has produced, filmed, directed and edited movies on Buddhism for over 20 years. Her work includes Discovering Buddhism, Mystic Tibet, and On the Road Home, as well as promotional short films for the international Buddhist organization FPMT and the Maitreya Project for World Peace.

Film ticket also includes a talk and meditation with Tara Brach.